Nude Dude Food itself began over a fresh baked loaf of sourdough bread, and it's immediately what we thought of when we lost all of our clients due to COVID-19 and the shelter-in--place order in Chicago. Bread is universal -- it's how most cultures and families across the world start their meals. Confined to our kitchen, we began making bread daily, as much as we could bake. The goal was to feed anyone in need. Service industry, artists, musicians, anyone and everyone who reached out to NDF via social media, where we were spreading the word. Our quantity is limited, but our intent is honorable. Keep spirits high, feed people in need, and continuing to work on our craft. Today Nude Dude Food continues to give away bread, but also has started donating meals to frontline workers with the donations received from the bread. With the community's continued support, Nude Dude Food's goal is to continue to ramp up production and feed even more people in need.