Founder's Seth and Ryan are fast becoming Chicago's most sought after private dining and catering service, specializing in the art of eating well and feeling sexy. They do this through incorporating and substituting menus and ingredients for a wide variety of anti inflammatory diets, including FODMAP and AIP.


Our uniform (shirtless with aprons) is a sign of vulnerability, but if you are hosting an event that requires us to wear our chef coats we are more than happy to come prepared for that as well. We are committed to being transparent about the food we serve and using seasonal and sustainable food by forming strong relationships with local suppliers. Today there are many diet trends available and we understand the need to modify and tailor our menus to our clients individual needs. Our philosophy is that when we stay away from overly processed foods and immerse ourselves in the process of cooking we tend to make better decisions about what goes into our bodies leading to a healthier physical and mental lifestyle.


The chefs behind Nude Dude Food have combined their love for baking sourdough bread and used that same bread starter to bring you NDF Sourdough Pizza. Sourdough pizzas, salads, bread, and more are available for carry out and delivery from our location at HVAC Pub.


Read more about our bread pickup service and our Covid-19 response.